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Synapse C is a non-profit organization recognized by the government of Quebec as a Center of digital excellence. We combine our expertise with the strengths of academia and data analytics professionals to help the cultural community describe, understand and predict the world from data. We help cultural organizations to find solutions and to take actions towards the valorization of their data.

Our values

Synapse C’s approach is entirely founded on the synergy of our partners who collaborate at all stages of the pooling of their data. We believe that the analytical, artistic and creative fields’ capacity to work together is key to success. We firmly believe in the cooperative construction of knowledge. Synapse C’s model prioritizes collective, cooperative projects and data analyses that have the potential to benefit multiple partners.

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Board of directors


Being entrusted by the cultural field with its data, Synapse C guarantees a diligent, neutral, and safe research and analysis.

Synapse C ensures at all times the absolute confidentiality of any shared information, according to Canadian laws protecting personal Information.

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With our analysts on hand to listen to your projects, we’ll help you define your expectations and develop your ideas.