Synapse C

Synapse C deciphers and builds
on arts and culture data.

Finding innovative dissemination strategies
through data pooling
What is the best time
to contact the members of my audience?
On which day(s) do the members of my audience
generally go on cultural outings?

Pooling data
from a group

the objectives
The Synapse C team will help you pinpoint the information you require and potential operational and strategic uses that will meet your needs
and address the issues you face.
the data
Based on your objectives, the information you seek and the datasets you want to analyze, Synapse C will provide a picture of the health of your databases and then cleanse and structure them to speak for themselves or make sense with your partners’ data.
the data
By relying on efficient tools and anonymization techniques to pool data in a way that meets your expectations and those of your partners, Synapse C will build on the collective intelligence of the data and leverage their individual potential. More combination means more depth!
the data
Whether you choose to analyze your own data or aggregated data that combines information provided by you and your partners, our experts will build a unique knowledge base on culture consumption within your organization or on your territory.
the tools
Synapse C develops tools to visualize the pooled data that have been analyzed so you can delve into them whenever you need to.
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Available in French only

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