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Meet your audience

Through the power of data analysis algorithms, discover your audience, members and partners’ habits. Adjust your offer and communications to their desires, and make them buzz like never before.

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Audience segmentation

Transform raw data into exploitable information by identifying trends, patterns and personas.

Performance measurement

Indicators creation and cutting-edge algorithms usage to determine the performance of your campaigns, extract strategic information and forecast future trends.

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Data analysis consultation

Personalized support to answer your questions, develop strategies and optimize the use of your data.

Training in data management and governance

Custom-made training sessions to strengthen your team’s data management and governance skills and promote a data culture within your organization.


Data management

Assistance for an efficient collection, organization and integration of data to guarantee its quality and availability.

Data visualization

Development of customized dashboards to monitor your organization’s activities in real time and facilitate decision-making.

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What about Law 25?

Protection of personal data

Law 25 governs the way organizations collect, use and share personal data. At Synapse C, we’ve developed a custom approach to help you achieve compliance.

How to comply?

To comply with Law 25, you must, among other things:

  • Keep an inventory of the personal information you hold;
  • Update your privacy policy ;
  • Report any incident to the Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec.

Let us support you

With our analysts on hand to listen to your projects, we’ll help you define your expectations in order to develop your ideas.