Sharing experience with Quartier des spectacles partners


Is Thursday the most popular day to buy concert tickets in Montreal? Do audiences at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde or Théâtre Jean Duceppe find out about cultural events on Facebook or through traditional media ? What proportion of 18- to 35-year-olds go to the opera? These are just some of the questions Synapse C […]

Performing Arts: Data as a Tool of Resilience (Part 2)


We presented the results of our series of surveys of cultural audiences and organizations, which painted a picture of a sector destabilized by the consequences of the pandemic. The rising costs of cultural outings due to inflation and changes in ticket-buying habits and audience attendance emerged as the main issues. Fortunately, culture also benefits from […]

Performing arts: The great upheaval (part 1)


The COVID-19 pandemic caused major upheaval in many sectors, including the performing arts. Organizations have had to adapt to the unexpected, face changes in the habits of their audiences and equip themselves with new tools to guarantee their sustainability. To help the community in this direction, Synapse C has conducted a series of studies aimed […]

The impact of COVID-19 on cultural consumption habits


To date, very few studies have been carried out on the ways in which the extended closure of Montreal’s theaters has affected the cultural consumption habits of performing arts audiences. However, the few studies carried out during the pandemic in Quebec and other national contexts seem to indicate that, despite audiences’ stated desire to resume […]