Training and SYlabC

Through training, Synapse C reinforce management skills in data analysis straight away in order that they quickly develop a data culture and related data management reflexes at the heart of their organisation.

The training also permits them to respond to emerging needs and to the various future professions associated with data analysis.


How can you develop and build on the data your organization generates every day? How can you use them strategically?

What are the best practices? How should you approach them?

Our training sessions, courses and workshops will point you in the right direction to capitalize on all the potential data hold. We will help you take control of your data and guide your business decisions.



The Synapse C philanthropic data lab, a unique approach to engage with your data. Two ways to participate: as an organisation or as an expert volunteer.

Approach :

The SYlabC is a 3-step offer which includes the selection of the cultural organisation and its development project, the preparation of the lab by Synapse C analysts and, above all, a half-day of on-site reflection where the project is presented to a panel of experts.

With SYlabC, experts help you take full advantage of your data and your ability to leverage it in harmony with your business strategy by exploring your value-driven project with you. SYlabC’s mission is to provide support to cultural ogranizations at key moments in their data valuation projects. The lab exists, therefore, for you to benefit from this support before data processing through a structured consulting process.

SYlabC also means benefiting from a community of other experts made up of stakeholders from business, cultural, and academic circles. For data professionals (consultants in business development, marketing, information technology, the legal sector, etc.), this is a unique opportunity to join forces and help find solutions to a very specific issue for organizations, with the goal of integrating corporate social  responsibility.

The labs can already count on skilled volunteers from reputable organizations such as BMO, Espace Temps, NOVAlex, IVADO, and students from HEC Montréal, Polytechnique, and other universities.

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