Measure C
Self-evaluation tool for Art and Cultural organizations

Am I ready to integrate data analysis tools into my distribution or sale strategies? What kind of training should I do to prepare for data analysis project? What is needed to develop a data culture in my organization?
In order to help you understand and get the most out of your data, Synapse C provides you with a self-evaluation tool that covers the existing state of your data and their use in the arts & culture sector. The self-evaluation tool allows your organization to determine your capacity to use data and digital tools efficiently and with confidence.
To achieve this, the tool incorporates three distinct aspects: audience development, marketing cultural offerings and data-driven decision-making.
Furthermore, capacity building is closely linked to your organization’s mission and realities. This tool will allow us to better understand what makes you unique and so that we can direct you to the most appropriate mentoring process.
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Privacy policy for the Canadian cultural sector

Following a study on data collection in the Arts and Cultural sectors in Canada, the Cyberjustice Laboratory, under a mandate from Synapse C, produced two documents for cultural organizations that wish to have a better understanding of the challenges around personal data during data collection:
  • Best practices guide regarding the creation of confidentiality policies in the cultural sector.
  • Confidentiality policy template to be used during data collection to inform users the reasons why their personal data will be collected and the manner in which they will be used.