With SYlabC, experts work with you to ensure the exploitation of your data and your capacities in line with your business strategy.  SYlabC’s mission is to bring a layer of support to cultural organizations in key moments of their data valorization projects.

To use the laboratory is, therefore, to benefit from a support system through the aid of a structured roadmap and advice.

SYlabC is a 3 step program that comprises of a selection process of  the cultural organization and its data valorization project, the preparation of the laboratory by Synapse C data analysts and, most importantly, a half-day reflection in person with a community of experts.
Throughout this process Synapse C will explore your data valorization project with you, and will aid you with:
Understanding the state of your data and  identify your strengths and weaknesses. A data portrait will be established to evaluate the quality of your data, identify the feasibility of your project and indicate how you can further enrich your data. Formulate business strategies with your data. Once your business objectives have been identified, we will be able to formulate strategies together that are in-line with your vision and available data. Plan out innovative data analysis solutions. Thanks to a clear definition of the problem, experts will work with you to find the the best methods to answer your data problems. Orientate towards a trajectory. Once this process is complete, SYlabC will point you in the direction of the solutions available at Synapse C and in the greater data ecosystem.
SUPPORTING THE DATA COMMUNITY ECOSYSTEM SYlabC also takes advantage of a community of experts made up of key players from the business, cultural and academic sectors.
The laboratories can already rely on skills-based volunteers from various well-respected organizations such BMO, Espace Temps, NOVAlex and IVADO as well as students from HEC Montreal, Polytechnique and other universities.

For data professionals (data analysts, consultants in business development, marketing, IT and even lawyers) it is an opportunity to contribute to the mobilization surrounding a specific organization’s problem, while meeting their companies’ social responsibility objectives.


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Juliette Denis – Lead Project Manager Collaborative projects
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Please note: during COVID-19, we are organizing the SYlabCs online

‘SYlabC, is an original approach for innovation with your datasets. More than just data analysis, the objective in centred on the challenges that your data can answer.’
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