Pilot project : Quartier des spectacles pools its data (2017)

Is Thursday the most popular day for concert tickets in Montréal? Do TNM and Duceppe ticketholders find information on the theaters’ cultural programs on Facebook or through traditional medias outlets? What percentage of 18-to 35-year olds go to the opera? These are just some of the questions to which Synapse C seeks to respond, in collaboration with partners in Montréal’s Quartier des spectacles.

Already united through geographic proximity and a shared vision for cultural development in the city’s downtown core, the 60 organizations that make up Quartier des spectacles took steps to pool their data. Along with Synapse C, sector stakeholders aimed to develop an expertise and set out a common vocabulary to collect, process and transform the data they gather every day.

In the medium and long terms, their efforts will lead them to change their communications and adapt their cultural programs. In this particular case, data analyses could have a strong influence on the organizations’ development and growth.

To achieve the objectives of the initiative, it was critical to consult with data analytics experts and academic researchers in a range of fields. It has been shown that a number of partners in Quartier des spectacles do not have the expertise or resources required to capitalize on their data and use them to drive actions and interactions with cultural consumers.

Yet, they have every reason to do so, since data are key to the succes of the missions of these organizations, which aim to create a dialogue with different audiences. In a world that is increasingly dematerialized, cultural data have the potential to transform how institutions relate to those who support them, today and in the future.

Quartier des spectacles partners are especially focused on better understanding their audiences so as to develop more relevant cultural proposals and marketing ideas. Usage data analysis sheds light on consumer themselves, as well as their cultural practices.

To expand the project, the partners then joined forces with Jean-Noé Landry (Open North) and Josée Plamondon (consultant) who also contributed to the establishment of Synapse C.

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