Montreal museum of fine arts

Recommend a relationship marketing tool

The main objective of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts assignment was to diagnose the efficacy of the data ecosystem in order to recommend a relational marketing tool. This project was carried out in three stages over a period of seven weeks, from May 21st to July 9th, 2021.

The first stage consisted of conducting interviews with five different departments (Information Technology, Membership, Communications, Funding, and Education) in order to gain an understanding of current data use and to identify strengths and weaknesses of the tools and strategies presently being employed. 

The second stage involved offering tools that meet the technological needs of the company with the goal of improving data analysis and relational marketing. 

The third and final stage comprised of identifying the type of human resources required to meet the needs expressed and coordinate marketing strategies across the different departments. 

Recommendations to improve the data ecosystem before implementing a new relational marketing tool were outlined in stage 3. The analyzes carried out at each stage of the project were presented in reports submitted to the Information Technology department of the museum.

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