A Greeting and a Farewell

A Greeting and a Farewell ”On a personal note, this is about saying goodbye. As a matter of fact, I will be leaving Synapse C’s general management in December. For me, this is a career change that happens as Synapse C is currently gathering great momentum! Synapse C is an organization that is doing well, […]

Understanding Cultural Value

Femme musée

What is cultural value? Unlike more business-focused industries such as commerce and construction, for example, the impact of the arts and culture sector is not measured economically, but rather socially. In particular, collective feelings of belonging and well-being come to mind, as underlined by Jesse Wente, Ojibwe journalist, Indigenous advocate, and president of the Canada […]

The A(rt)nalysis: Merging Art, Culture and Data

Photo art Synapse C

The a(rt)nalysis: merging art, culture and data There is a lot of excitement around “big data!” What happens when data intersects with arts and culture? A mystery for some, adulation for others. In any case, combining these two apparently opposed worlds brings out new learnings and new opportunities to better understand audiences, measure the value […]