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Recognized as a Digital Centre of Excellence (big data in the cultural sector) by the Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation du Québec since its inauguration in 2019, Synapse C origins go back almost 10 years.

In 2012, a study undertaken by the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership underlined the need for the cultural sector to better understand its audience and to develop intelligence and know-how regarding the use of the data it generates and of the data that it had access to.

Since 2017, listening to the sector’s needs, 8.8 million data points regarding ticketing from 20 cultural institutions from the Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal have been shared and their potential explored by 120 analysts during an event with Aimia, IVADO and HEC Montreal.

While the exercise generated more than 200 recommendations for the participating cultural organizations, the event also confirmed the unequivocal need for the creation of an organization dedicated the exploitation of data in the cultural sector. And thus, Synapse C was born.


Following a logic of long-term structural development for the entirety of the disciplines and sub-sectors that make up the cultural sector (e.g.: performing arts, visual arts, literature, museology), Synapse C, a non-profit, has developed an integrated action strategy that can be deployed across the following lines:

By mutualizing and analyzing cultural data: contributing to the amelioration of the market intelligence of the cultural sector and the development of its competitiveness thanks to the establishment of new higher performing and innovative solutions across its business practices.

Through training: reinforcing management skills in data analysis straight away in order that they quickly develop a data culture and related data management reflexes at the heart of their organisation. The training also permits them to respond to emerging needs and to the various future professions associated with data analysis.

Through research with partners: knowledge transfer and a network made up of the best, developing tangible and avant-garde tools that assist the development of organizations’ business practices as well as contributing to bring Canada to the forefront of data analysis innovation in service to the development of the cultural sector.


When data prove their true potential.

Want to get to know the people who consume art and culture in your organization or on your territory a little better?

Let us put our expertise in data analysis and knowledge of the cultural sphere to work for you. We will transform your raw data into valuable information.


Your databases contain a range of information, from descriptive data to data on usage, metadata and enhancement data.

Our linking service will help you categorize and assess how your organization uses data and support you in the steps leading to the optimal use of your data assets.


How can you develop and build on the data your organization generates every day?

How can you use them strategically?

What are the best practices?

How should you approach them?

Our training sessions, courses and workshops will point you in the right direction to capitalize on all the potential data hold.

We will help you take control of your data and guide your business decisions.

Data Mutualization

There is strength in numbers.

Join forces with other organizations on your territory or in your field to combine your data for a wider range of possibilities, since data from others will shed light on your own.

Trust us to lead analyses that are significant to all the partners involved, since correlation and collaboration support shared innovation and the development of collective intelligence.

Data Development

Development helps transform data into food for thought for your next plan to expand your clientele or steer your organization’s strategic evolution.

Synapse C has set out effective tools to support your decision-making process and enhance current information.

We work with you to establish methodologies that meet your needs and help you take action, drawing on the avenues for reflection that arise from the analysis.

Special projects

By merging our data development expertise and academic and professional forces in data analysis, we provide support for a range of projects, including:

  • Partnership research
  • Analyses of specific business problems
  • Creation of working tools
  • Recommendation algorithms

We co-create, based on your needs, methodologies that will support you as gear up through engaging directly with you and discussing your data analysis needs.


Measure C

Am I ready to integrate data analysis tools into my distribution or sale strategies?

What kind of training should I do to prepare for data analysis project? What is needed to develop a data culture in my organization?

Privacy policy for the Canadian cultural sector

Following a study on data collection in the Arts and Cultural sectors in Canada.

The Cyberjustice Laboratory, under a mandate from Synapse C, produced two documents for cultural organizations that wish to have a better understanding of the challenges around personal data during data collection:
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