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Diane de Courcy

Diane de Courcy

Director general advisor


Claudia-Barbara Sévigny-Trudel

Director of Administration and Communications

Viêt Cao, Synapse C,

Viêt Cao

Director of Innovation and Data Analytics, and Business Development

Analysis :

Simon Labbé St-Vincent, Synapse C

Simon Labbé Saint-Vincent

Senior Analyst

William César-Lareau, Synapse C

William César-Lareau


Aleix Pagès

Data Scientist

Vincent Diotte, Synapse C

Vincent Diotte


Jézéquel, Armelle-Synapse C @Louis-Charles Dumais--12

Armelle Jezequel


Leblond, Yves-Synapse C @Louis-Charles Dumais--15

Yves Leblond

Senior advisor in data analytics

Maryvonne Angelo


Bergeron, Sébastien-Synapse C @Louis-Charles Dumais--14

Sébastien Bergeron

Technology Specialist

Research and Development :

Denis, Juliette-Synapse C @Louis-Charles Dumais--3

Juliette Denis

Collaborative Project Manager

Alexis Perron Brault, Synapse C,

Alexis Perron-Brault


Ambre Giovanni,

Ambre Giovanni

Research Analyst

Renaud Legoux

Co-chair, research and transfer committee, professor in the Department of Marketing

Elisabeth Madgin, Synapse C,

Élisabeth Madgin

Information Specialist

Louise Poissant

Co-chair, research and transfer committee, Scientific Director of the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Society and culture

Communications and Administration

Sarah Nogueira, Synapse C

Sarah Nogueira

Administrative and Communications Assistant

Katharine O ‘Brien

Communications assistant

Emna Zeghibi

Communications assistant

Research and transfer committee :

The Research and transfer committee essentially aims to spark a conversation and establish collaborations between the cultural sphere and researchers in differents fields, including artificial intelligence, data analysis, health, marketing, law, urban planning and tourism.

Their combined knowledge helps better identify research focuses in data analytics and business intelligence to support the cultural sector.
The committee is also mandated to share its knowledge an learnings and disseminate the know-how it develops, in particular through conferences and training.

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