Mission :

Synapse C aims to enhance and pool arts and culture development expertise in Québec and Canada and become an international reference in the augmentation of these data to benefit the cultural ecosystem.

Vision :

Establish a data culture within the cultural sphere; play a pivotal national role in promoting data-related knowledge between the cultural, academic and business sectors; position Synapse C as a key global player in cultural data management.

Bonhomme mission Synapse C



  • Synapse C is entrusted with cultural data for research and analysis and ensures their diligent, neutral and secure assessment. In compliance with the Privacy Act and out of ethical concern, Synapse C maintains the confidentiality of all the information that is shared.


  • The approach advocated by Synapse C is entirely based on the synergy between the partners collaborating in every step of the data pooling process. The ability of the data analysis sector, creative industries and arts to work together to build a genuine co-construction of knowledge is the key to our organization’s succes. The model set out by Synapse C always gives priority to collective projects and data analyses that benefit several cultural partners.

There is value in each project

No matter the request, Synapse C is always committed to respecting its mission and supporting you in your needs.

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