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Data are information in raw and unorganized form. They refer to ideas, objects or conditions. Many organizations are under the impression that they don’t generate data, but they couldn’t manage inventories or draft annual reports, funding applications or promotional e-mails without them!

The concept of cultural data pooling was developed in response to organizations’ growing interest in relying on their data for decision making and the lack of time and financial and human resources to do so.

Pooling – not only data but also resources and expertise – through a third-party organization has proven to be an effective means to collectively explore the potential of data analysis. In addition, pooling usage data increases data volumes and therefore generates information on cultural practices that is richer, denser and more wide ranging. Indeed, diversity and variety are great allies to tackle the increasing complexity of current challenges. Bringing together different data-driven perspectives on common issus fosters more innovative solutions.

We’ve developed a data literacy self-assessment tool for cultural organizations that is just as valuable to you as it is to us. The tools helps organizations better grasp where they stand in terms of data maturity and enables us to recognize their realities and provide effective guidance. If you are an association or third-party organization, contact us at info@synapsec.ca. Together, we’ll work to determine the type of support that’s right for you.

Within the context of a pooling group, shared and pooled data are two different concepts. Sharing and shared data relate to individual data exchanges between a cultural organization and the pooling group as a whole. Data pooling involves the internal exchanges between all members of a pooling group. Pooled data contain no personal information.

We are committed to ensuring the privacy of all the data we process. In every pooling initiative we undertake, the group works together to set out its own sharing policy. Given that the aim is to gain a holistic view of the group, we do not use the data for solicitation purposes and therefore do not preserve any personal information. We also ensure that all exchanges are carried out within a secure framework and the data and results are disseminated (where necessary) according to the policy that was jointly developed by group members.

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