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A Greeting and a Farewell

”On a personal note, this is about saying goodbye. As a matter of fact, I will be leaving Synapse C’s general management in December. For me, this is a career change that happens as Synapse C is currently gathering great momentum!

Synapse C is an organization that is doing well, very well. There is a remarkable, competent and caring team there. I am very proud of the work accomplished by all of these people so committed to this cause: leveraging and democratizing information stemming from data in the cultural world.

I would also like to include in my acknowledgements the government agencies who demonstrated through their financial support that they believe in Synapse C’s capabilities. Your trust and your advice have been precious to me, as has your tangible collective intelligence during our collaborative projects. I allow myself to include in these thank you notes all the governmental instances, who demonstrated by their financial support that they believe in Synapse C’s capabilities. They got it right!

I would like to extend special thanks to the board members of our organization, as well as to the president of the board, Line Beauchamp, for their unwavering support, and for generously offering their time and perspectives. Thank you!

Montréal and Québec’s cultural vitality makes a difference when times are tough… We have seen this happen in the past few months of the pandemic. My great wish is that the detailed and rigorous information derived from data will reveal this strength and, more importantly, will help support it through concrete actions resulting from extensive data analysis… done by Synapse C.

Wishing Synapse C long life as well as a wonderful future to all of you!”

Diane de Courcy